My Amazing July

Heyyy Loves! So let me first say that I was almost done with this post…so EXCITED to post….and then it all deleted.  -__- Thanks WordPress. And Yes, I saved my draft. But poof ! Into thin air. No evidence whatsoever.  *sigh* Regardless!!! Counting it all joy and moving on….. My July was Amazing !  Out … Continue reading My Amazing July

Worship In Response

Yes…*sigh*   Yessss..  I understand…. I am so so guilty and accept all charges of abandonment to the state of my blog and my blog family.  But since we’re so full of grace! LOL! I know you all have forgiven me and I’m backkk!!!.. Like For Real this time… Okay fine, you’ve heard that before.  Let’s … Continue reading Worship In Response

Overwhelmed Much?

I have lists and things to-do. My lists and things to-do have things to-do before them. According to my count-down app, Graduation *insert praise break* is literally 2 months away…. And yet, I have assignments added to assignments… I have papers to write that look like dragons undefeated I could just scream. Maybe, I think… … Continue reading Overwhelmed Much?